Cedar Oil – Balance

Oily Skin, Combination Skin

Cleansing, Evens Skin Tone, Astringent, Scented

Balances combination skin. Whether you have a dry patch or an oily T Zone, cedar helps restore sebum secretion – creating more balance on your skin surface. As an adaptogen, with cedar you won’t need to apply multiple products… supporting a variety of skin goals.


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Cedar is a powerful cleansing oil and astringent.

Your Holistic Buffalo Cedar oil triples as a beard oil, cleansing the skin and adding moisture underneath the beard, and stimulating hair growth.

Traditionally, the cedar tree is a highly cherished resource – used for various purposes like as an aromatic, a smudge, creating cordage and baskets, and for building canoes and longhouses.

The Cedar: Balance oil is the only scented oil in the current collection – enhanced with the scent of neroli and red cedar essential oils.

Combine with Yarrow & Fireweed for Oily Skin.

Combine with Rose & Fireweed for Combination Skin.

Day and Night

Use as a cleansing oil, rinse, then reapply as moisturizer.

Or simply apply as a moisturizer.



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There is 30% or more Jojoba oil in every single one. Creates a smooth application. It is also a preservative which will keep it stable for a year if kept away from moisture & direct sunlight.

I chose oils that are light and fast absorbing as these are most effective for facial skin and a lightweight application even before makeup.

Away from moisture & direct sunlight.

Products with astringent properties cause the contraction of skin cells, cleanses by extracting dirt and oil from the pores and tightens the pores. Astringent oil cleansers will pull out impurities.

The combined properties of the flowers can produce a powerful entourage effect, exponentially growing their benefits and creating a customized skin care routine for each individual. So if you have combination skin and acne prone skin with dry tendencies, you could combine Yarrow, Cedar and Labrador Tea. 

I source from organic farms and wild spaces, handpicking wildflowers in the Yukon and in BC.